Postural Alignment

Postural Alignment

The Parkinson’s Wellness Project is a result of the partnership with Samantha Stephenson, a graduate student in the Belmont University’s doctoral program in occupational therapy, and Bridges For Parkinson’s. Bridges For Parkinson’s is an organization that seeks to provide people living with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners with client centered services to address all aspects of Parkinson’s health.

Providing you with this educational series of videos is just one way we are working toward achieving this goal. In this series we focus on Postural Alignment. Dr. Susan Wood finds ways to help you move your body to maximize function and decrease pain. Dr. Wood provides various stretches and poses to improve flexibility in your spine that directly improves your posture and movement in general.

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Physical Therapy In Motion New Location


Exciting times ahead as Physical Therapy in Motion gears up for a big move! From January 1st onwards, we'll be welcoming you to our stunning new location at 9019 Overlook Circle in Brentwood!


We're beyond thrilled to be sharing this space with the incredible Tim White from White House Sport Psychology, creating a dynamic hub for health and well-being! This move opens up a world of possibilities, allowing us to elevate our client experience to new heights. We're counting down the days until we can welcome you to our brand new space—get ready for a whole new level of care and support!


See you there!


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