Specializing in the McKenzie Method and GOATA Movement

We teach you how to be pain-free with our powerful one-on-one treatment. Specializing in the McKenzie Method and GOATA Movement, we emphasize empowerment and self-treatment for conditions and disorders of the back, neck and extremities.

McKenzie Method Physical Therapy

Assess and self-manage musculoskeletal issues.

GOATA Movement Training

Realign the body back to its natural design.

Running Gait Analysis

Identify areas that hold potential for improvement.


Accessible nationwide and internationally.

Sports Rehabilitation

Rehab injuries from sports or physical activity.

Physical Therapy in Motion
Susan Wood

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What Makes Physical Therapy in Motion Different

1-on-1 Plus+ Care

We value your time and effort so you deserve our undivided attention to get the most out of each session. We also offer constant contact. Don’t wait! We encourage communication via our patient message portal to answer questions or tweak your program between visits.

Self Treatment

We believe in empowering you by prescribing specific exercises, helpful postures, and activity modifications that give you the control, not your condition. Often we can identify 1-2 simple movements on day one that will immediately impact your symptoms.


Treatment doesn’t stop when you walk out of our office. We train you for a successful transition past our care – for life. We teach you practical ways to prevent recurrence, tips and warning signs for early detection and how to self-treat should they recur.

Reviews and Recommendatations

Hunter Verner
Hunter Verner
Susan did a great job identifying my issue and giving me personalized therapy for my hip issue. She listened really carefully to my feedback and altered the plan when we did not see a specific movement improving my issue. Highly recommended.
Daniel J. Smith
Daniel J. Smith
Susan did a fantastic job helping me recover from a painful shoulder problem with severely restricted range of motion. I spent several months and lots of money, not to mention unnecessary pain, at a chain PT clinic making zero progress for several months. I went to Susan in desperation, mainly for a second opinion before pursuing shoulder surgery. Within a few weeks, however, I was seeing substantial gains under Susan’s guidance and was able to restore my range of motion and eliminate my pain. She was very good at explaining exercises and also providing videos to help me do them correctly at home. Scheduling and billing were easy and professional. I highly recommend Susan!
Christy Lammers
Christy Lammers
As a Holistic RN in a Pediatric ICU, I spend my days providing Massage, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Acupressure etc. to the patients and their families to minimize pain, enhance coping, promote comfort and healing. Although I love my job and witness the healing and rest that the patients were receiving, I was leaving work every day with my own neck, shoulder and back pain. After 6 years of these repetitive motions and sub optimal body positioning in ICU rooms, I knew something had to change or I would have to move on from something I loved. As a referral to Susan's GOATA program for my daughter, I instead wanted to pursue the program for myself first! I was in desperate need to be pain free. At 43 and in great health, I wanted to reconnect with my body and regain optimal pain free movement again. Susan was God sent! She is passionate about teaching her clients to listen to their bodies while giving them exercises to work on throughout the day. This program requires the willingness to commit to yourself! Bottom line, do the work and you will see the results! She coached and cheered me through every major and minor accomplishment. She tailors her sessions to you, as an individual, and meets you where you are in that moment. She pushes you past what you think your body is able to do. She understands the intricacies of the human body and never gives up on providing the tools to help you get to your goal of feeling your best Every Single Day. I am pain free today! I work 8 hours at my job and leave without pain. I continue to create more confidence in my body and I am empowered with tools and exercises to utilize if I have a flare up. I am so thankful I said yes to myself and working with Susan. She helped me transform my life for the better!
Andrew Oakley
Andrew Oakley
Dr. Susan Wood is a true partner in your health. She provides actionable steps in improving your way of life. I have been suffering from knee pain and shin splints that has hindered my training. After just a few sessions, I'm already seeing results with less pain and more mobility. Highly recommend!
Lara Bowen
Lara Bowen
Susan helped me with my IT band issues when the chain PT practice failed. She spent the time to do a thorough evaluation to determine the root of the problem. Her knowledge and experience were so valuable to help me get out of pain and back to running.
Derek Hawn
Derek Hawn
Susan at Physical Therapy in Motion is a great service provider. I was having lower back issues. We spent time targeting the issue and what worked best for me. After that, she provided various exercise and stretch activities to allow me to improve strength and flexibility over time. I am now comforted knowing I have these tools in the tool box for future use and maintenance. Thank you!
Cindy Hudson
Cindy Hudson
Susan is so knowledgeable about how the body works. She will ask questions and try different therapy modalities until she discovers the trigger point for your problem. She has helped my cranky, creaky knees so much by focusing on stretching my lower back!! I highly recommend her to help you with any mobility issue you have.
Safe Haven Solutions by Shelly
Safe Haven Solutions by Shelly
I had been dealing with upper back, shoulder and right neck pain for over three years. I tried chiropractic care, orthopedic care, injections, physical therapy… The whole gamut. I was introduced to Susan at a coffee shop just out of the blue one day. She offered to do a consult with me and I thought why not let’s see if this could be the answer… And it was! She knew exactly what tools I needed to manage the pain I was having and after only a few appointments I now can not only keep the pain from getting out of control, but manage the pain with the exercises that she taught me. I am so thankful God put her in my path that day in the coffee shop.
I came to Dr. Wood in Cool Springs/Franklin because I was having knee and hip pain. I wanted a specialist experienced in working with this sort of problem. She made a thorough examination of my gait/walk and posture. Base on that evaluation, she gave me several exercises to try during the session to see which would be most helpful. She sent me short videos showing how to do each exercise correctly, the number of reps and frequency. I'm improving after the second visit. I highly recommend Dr. Susan Wood.
Jeffrey Falvo
Jeffrey Falvo
I have had a great experience with PT in Motion in Franklin. After having ankle pain for several months, trying a few other treatment options which didn't work, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Wood. I had not considered physical therapy until a friend suggested Dr. Wood. On my first appointment, she thoroughly evaluated my gait and prescribed exercises to restore the natural alignment in my feet. Within 3 weeks I was walking better and most importantly without pain. I am so grateful for Dr. Wood and the type individualized care she provides. PT in Motion is worth the drive from Brentwood or even Nashville.
Treatable Conditions with Physical Therapy

Common Conditions we Treat

Utilizing the McKenzie Method alongside GOATA Movement, we see a variety of conditions effectively treated including but not limited to:

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Mechanical Headaches
Degenerative Disc Disease
Performance Enhancement
Shoulder Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Injury Prevention

Learn more about the conditions we treat.

McKenzie Method Therapy

The McKenzie Method is a biopsychosocial system of musculoskeletal care emphasizing patient empowerment and self-treatment. This system of diagnosis and patient management applies to acute, subacute and chronic conditions of the spine and extremities. It offers a reliable and practical approach that focuses on “what patients need” and not on “what therapists want to do”.

Benefits of McKenzie Include:

  • Proven: Backed by years of research, evidence and clinical practice.
  • Efficient: Known to show results in as little as two to three visits.
  • Personalized: Assessment-driven and individualized treatment plans.
  • Cost efficient: Treatment without expensive tests or procedures.
  • Non-invasive: No needles, no scalpel.
  • Self-directed and managed: We work with you and teach you.
  • Preventative: Lifelong knowledge and skills.

Learn more about McKenzie Method Therapy.

McKenzie Method Therapy
McKenzie Method Logo
GOATA Movement Training

GOATA Movement Training

GOATA stands for Greatest Of All Time Actions. It is a movement system that is centered around slow-motion observation of the world’s most durable humans. The program is a process of “recoding” or reverse engineering the movement cycle to restore to the innate design for human movement. In the process you become more efficient, improve performance, and often resolve pain.

Benefits of GOATA Include:

  • Sports performance: GOATA training helps create movements that improve power and explosion.
  • Reduces stress on tendons and ligaments: GOATA training helps reduce stress on tendons and ligaments.
  • Re-codes movement patterns: GOATA training uses exercises to help people re-code their back to the evolutionary movement patterns they were born with.
  • Reduces risk of injury: GOATA training can help people become non-contact injury resistant.
  • Helps with chronic pain: GOATA training can help eliminate chronic back and knee pain.
  • Can be done anywhere: GOATA workouts can be done anywhere with little to no equipment.

Learn more about GOATA Training.

About the Owner

It’s my passion to see people empowered with a long-term solution for their care.”

Physical Therapist
Susan Wood


Owner/Physical Therapist

Throughout my early career as a therapist, I was frustrated with my ability to make a tangible difference for my patients, especially with the time limits placed on my interactions with them. I deeply wanted to help my patients relieve their pain, but seeing multiple patients at a time, as well as having a highly regimented schedule, left me disappointed. Physical Therapy in Motion is my solution for having more satisfying outcomes for my patients.

My certification in McKenzie’s Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, enables healing for my patients through a reliable, evidence-based system. I structure treatments and implement practical interventions that work. I show patients how to understand their bodies and treat themselves.

I am also certified in GOATA Movement, which allows me to offer two different types of effective treatments for my clients. These treatments can be used separately or in combination to address a huge variety of physical issues.

Simply put, it’s my passion to see people empowered with a long-term solution for their care.

Watch video to learn more about the owner.

Help Videos & Tips

Explore our collection of helpful tips and videos to discover how they can assist you. Learn GOATA moves, McKenzie Method techniques and more!

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